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03.22.2019 | Sunset Reflection (#5)

Sunset Reflection

Sunset is a splendor! Rich and varied dyes, gold, yellow, pink, crimson, purple, and violet painted the sky and everything they desire to touch.

When experiencing such magnificent nature power, Chinese famous poet Li Shangyi (813-858, 李商隐) left a famous verse over a thousand years ago:

夕阳无限好, 只是近黄昏

The sunset is infinitely magnificent, but sadly the dusk is coming.

In modern times, contrary to this sad tone, poet Wu Zhaojing (吴兆江) wrote a similar verse with optimism. This modern verse said:

但得夕阳无限好, 何须惆怅近黄昏

As long as the sunset is infinitely magnificent, , no need to feel sad about the coming dusk.

The famous poet Zhu Ziqing (1898-1948, 朱自清) liked this verse so much that he put it on his desk as motto.

Sunset reflection is one of my favorite themes. In particular, I like to paint the snowy mountain dyed by varied sunset colors.

Shown here is one of the “sunset reflection” series I painted recently. The sunset and the majestic snowy mountains are reflected in water, integrating heaven and earth, mountain’s solidness and water’s fluidity, white and varied hues, real and virtual. It gives a feeling of eternal peace, pure, and splendor.


03.14.2019 | Circles

Pi Day Celebration

March 14th (3/14) is the Pi day celebrating mathematical constant Pi (π =3.1415926…).

As we have learned from school, Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Moreover, Pi has various equivalent definitions and appears in many formulas in all areas of mathematics and physics. Pi is also called Archimedes’ constant.

Pi is infinitely long without repetition or pattern. Pi is considered divine.

To celebrate the Pi Day 2019, I painted 200 circles as if they were randomly dropped on two lines to estimate π (per Buffon’s Needle probability).

In Art, the circle is a symbol with extensive meanings. It represents unity, infinite, timelessness, cycle of time, motion, etc.

Math and art are bonded here.


Time Capsule

My son and I baked a blueberry pie to celebrate the Pi Day in 2015.

03.06.2019 | New Buds (Winter Jasmine)

New Buds

New Jersey’s winter is cold and long. Trees are bare and wind is bitter. The splendid fall is long gone when the blooming spring is nowhere. Everything seems deadly pale. Yet, a quiet and invisible force is growing. The force is carried out by tiny buds. They are the hope for spring, the creation of the new.

After the snowfall of March 2, 2019, I visited the Princeton University campus to photograph the snow scene. The Winter Jasmine bushes along the Washington Road caught my eyes. I walked down the path along the half-a-mile-long bushes to have a closer look at them before they turn magnificent yellow when spring comes. Yes, though buried in the dreary surroundings, the buds were astonishingly lively. The tiny red tips were irresistibly pointing forward.




My grandparents lived in Suzhou China for many years and my mother grew up in Suzhou. During those years, my grandfather painted many Chinese brush paintings and taught my mother calligraphy. Sadly, all of the artworks from my family were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution.

Over its 2,500 years of long history, Suzhou's historic canals, stone bridges, pagodas, and gardens have inspired many artists. The Astor Chinese Garden Court in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is based on a Ming-Dynasty Style (17th century) scholar's garden in the city of Suzhou.

Suzhou Garden in the Met

03.05.2019 | Enchanting Scent

Enchanting Scent

I am fascinated by many masters' artworks and painted after them.

The "Enchanting Scent" (a portion shown here) is inspired by Zhao Ji (1082 - 1135, Emperor of Song Dynasty)'s beautiful calligraphy and poem:


dancing butterflies drunk and lost in the fragrant trail,

elegantly flying and chasing in the evening breeze

I used shades of blue and Slender Gold style of calligraphy to present aesthetic appreciation of elegance.



I started learning Chinese brush painting from Mr. Huangxin Wang. Over years, different styles of artworks have inspired me. These are the artists:

02.28.2019 | Candles of Love

Candles of Love

It was a Friday noon in a bright and warm autumn. Sky was Dodger blue with white clouds softly drifting away. TGIF - the day was so looked forward to. However, I was feeling wretched. No surprise. Years in constant flux took the toll. The condition had no sign of improvement, but of deterioration. “Where is home?” I had asked many times, but I did not get an answer. Many times, when I stopped at a stop sign, I did not know which direction to turn to. I merely kept driving. I needed a home to rest. I needed a rest in a bright and warm autumn.


Jennifer's Short Story

Plum Flower (2017)

Published by Pearl S. Buck Writing Center Literary Journals Vol. 2, No. 1: Spring 2017


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